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Real estate tokenization has been lasting since 2017. Our team has noticed the current trend prospect and has already helped thousands of investors to earn money on it. We use all our profits for further development and investment since we are sure that real estate is the best sphere to invest. The current philosophy has been at the heart of our decisions since the foundation date. Therefore, recently we have increased our investors’ number by 100%.

Our company certificate number is #604693313

We work within the current international legislation. Our company has got an international certificate, allowing to carry out financial transactions with both cryptocurrency and real estate. Your money is reliably protected by the Law. Our professional lawyers team carefully monitors each our action, which should correspond to the law. This allows us to provide our investors with guarantee of a stable income for many years.

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Our operation way



Registration takes just a couple of minutes. It is required to enter personal data in the established form and start cooperation with us.


Add funds

We provide our investors with a great chance to replenish the deposit in any convenient way. The most advanced electronic money systems are connected to the user's personal account.


Waiting for profit from the deposit

The deposit starts to bring money once the account has been replenished. You don't need to wait several months to get the first income.


Profit withdrawal

The profit is withdrawn instantly! You are entitled to do this in any way convenient for you via the user's personal account.