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Cryptocurrency is deemed the revolution in the real estate market!

Our investment company is engaged in profitable cryptocurrency investments in real estate purchase and rental. This is a unique and new business model, which provides stable legal income for every investor!

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About our company

Hemlock project is based on the group investments in construction and joint success through the investment concept in the cryptocurrency. Each investor, who is going to invest his money in our company, pays a certain amount as an investment in construction. Our concept is based on cooperation, while being intended for both private and institutional investors, who are interested in investing in development projects. Cooperation with us provides a great chance to invest in well-prepared development projects with high gross profitability.

How to invest?

It is simple to invest with us: you choose one of the best investment options and decide how much money you want to invest. You get a fixed interest on your investment according to the agreed schedule.

Company’s reputation

Highly-experienced specialists with over 30 years background in the construction industry are engage in our company development. You invest together with a partner, but not an intermediary when investing in our projects.

Cooperation benefits


Intelligent plan rates

You are entitled to choose the cooperation terms, which best fit you. We provide a lot of favorable rates and convenient offers.


Fast earning way

Real estate is the most stable investment area. The investor gets the first income asap.


Affiliate program

It is allowed to attract your relatives and friends into profitable cooperation with us and get paid for it.


Customer support

We consult our investors 24/7, while always being in touch. You may contact our support service with any question and get an instant answer to it.

Our investment offer

The reason we are chosen by the customers

Real estate has always been highly-valuable resource, therefore, the real estate investment is deemed one of the safest ones. Our main goal is to simplify the investment process and grow both your and our capitals. Our company was founded in order to build up both equity and investors' capital. We are sure that a profitable partnership implies mutual winning.

We are responsible for each decision

We choose lucrative construction projects only

While being an investor, you expect for your own profit only

We are your trusted real estate investment partner!

Affiliate program

Especially developed program provides our investors with a chance to earn money in a deposit-free way. You get a fixed percentage per each new customer you attracted. Besides you are provided with an additional stable income. Each new client gets a great chance to earn large money and our company is expanding its scale in order to provide you with more bonuses and interesting terms! Each new participant in your chain will bring you passive income in the amount of:



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for the second line


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